Access Energy Cooperative has contracted Pfoff Electric, Inc., a recognized electric service leader for Eastern Iowa for more than 6 years,  to install a 100 KW Photovaltaic System at your cooperative headquarters.  The 100 KW solar array from Integrated Power Corporation, (iPower), consists of more than 400 individual solar panels. It is anticipated the array should provide about 80% of the headquarters facility’s electric demand and should provide about 20% of Access Energy’s headquarters total energy needs. The scheduled two month installation is the second largest solar installation in Iowa to date.

“Solar generates most of its energy on sunny days,” explains Access Energy’s General Manager/CEO Bob Swindell, “which is when electrical usage is the highest—on the hottest, sunniest days of summer. Once the photovoltaic array is operational, energy output of the solar panels to the energy consumption will be compared to the usage at the Access Energy headquarters facility. Our hope is to show that the output of the solar panels match how Access Energy actually uses electricity.”

Stan Pfoff, owner of Pfoff Electric says the project is scheduled for a two-month installation by his firm, and is about 85% complete. “We’re excited and pleased to be a part of this project, as we share the same dedication to building new energy source delivery with the best technology, and bringing cost predictability to what has become a very volatile U.S. energy market. Both Access Energy Cooperative and iPower are experts and leaders in responsible, efficient energy output growth, so we’re very happy to be working with them.”

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