Douds Elementary student Logan Robertson learned hands on safety at school from his very own grandfather, Daniel Philips, Access Energy Cooperative Safety Director.  At Access Energy Cooperative safety is the most important part of our mission, whether it involve our employees, members, or kids anywhere in southeast Iowa.

We want kids to learn to respect the power of electricity.

Mr. Philips surprised his grandson, sort of, when he showed up to teach Logan’s class a presentation to help them understand why it’s important to take precautions around electricity.

This presentation is available for schools in all counties served by Access Energy Cooperative, and we can accommodate education for all ages

A highlight of the presentation is shown (above) when a volunteer student gets dressed up in the safety equipment that allows line-workers to safely work on energized power lines.

If you want to see this demonstration come to your school, contact the Access Energy Cooperative marketing department at 319.385.1577 or

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