The election of directors for the Access Energy Cooperative Board of Directors takes place each year at the annual meeting of members. Each year, the term expires for one director in each of the three districts. (Click here to see a map of the 3 Districts of the cooperative.)

Your Annual Meeting Packet

In July, the cooperative will mail to each member of the cooperative a packet of information pertaining to the annual meeting. Enclosed in this packet are the following items:

  • a ballot for your respective district for the election of directors and any proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
    • Attached to the top of your ballot: your registration card/dividend card **in compliance with Red Flag Rules, you will need your dividend card or photo id to pick up your dividend check
  • a return envelope
  • information on the candidates running for Board
  • your annual report will be inserted into the July edition of the Living With Energy Magazine, along with the report from the nominating committee
  • the Access Energy Calendar will be distributed at the annual meeting and at the front counter

Send Your Ballot in the Mail for a Chance to Win A Prize!

A drawing for a $100 bill credit will be held at the Annual Meeting from the ballots mailed in to the office. Ballots must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the day before the annual meeting of members to be valid. Members need not be present to win this prize. Members must be present to win all other drawings at the meeting.

How to Vote For Directors

(follow same procedure for special ballot)

  • Properly mark your ballot for election of directors and for any proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, by placing a mark in the box next to either yes or no. Marking both will result in a spoiled ballot.
  • Place ballot inside the envelope bearing the member’s name. One has been provided in the packet for use.
  • The member can then either mail the ballot to :
    The Secretary, Access Energy Cooperative
    7653 Anagram Drive
    Eden Prairie MN 55344
    or bring it to the annual meeting to be submitted at the time of registration.
  • If mailed, the ballot must be received prior 4:30 p.m. on August 5, 2019, to be counted as a valid vote.

Marking the Ballot

At least two candidates are nominated for each District for the Election of Directors at the Annual Meeting. Each ballot submitted should have one and only one candidate selected by marking the box next to the candidate the member chooses to vote for. Marking more than one candidate will result in a spoiled ballot.

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, a director, officer, employee, or member of the association is not liable on the association’s debts or obligations, and a director, officer, member, or other volunteer is not personally liable in that capacity, for a claim based upon any action taken, or any failure to take action in the discharge of the person’s duties, except for the amount of a financial benefit received by the person to which the person is not entitled, an intentional infliction of harm on the association or its members, or an intentional violation of criminal law.

The Cooperative may indemnify any present or former director, officer, employee, member, or volunteer in the manner and in the instances authorized under Section 499.59(A) of the Code of Iowa (2005).