Access Energy Cooperative’s operations are carried out under the policies established by the Board of Directors. Each member of the Board of Directors is an active member of the cooperative and obtains his or her electricity from the cooperative just as every other member does.

How is the Board Organized?

  • Nine directors serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Each director is nominated by the membership.
  • Each district is represented by three directors.
  • There are three districts – Click here to see a map of the districts. You elect the directors from your District.

Election of Directors

Please click here for more information on the election of directors.

How to Run for the Board of Directors

Please click here for more information on how to run for the Board of Directors.

Board Rules

The board is charged with setting the general policies under which the cooperative operates.

Board Meetings

The board meets monthly at 1800 West Washington Street, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, on the 3rd Thursday, unless scheduling conflicts require the board to amend the regular meeting date. The 2019 regularly scheduled meeting dates are:

January 17th
February 21st
March 19th
April 18th
May 23rd
June 20th
July 18th
August 20th
September 19th
October 17th
November 21st
December 19th


Rates charged by Access Energy Cooperative are established by your Board of Directors—with the advice of engineering consultants, accountants, and electric rate specialists. All factors that contribute to the cost of providing service are tabulated and projected, including but not limited to:

  • Cost of wholesale power
  • Cost of operating and maintaining the distribution system
  • Accounting and sales expense
  • Administrative expense
  • Depreciation on the investment in power lines, equipment and facilities
  • Taxes
  • Interest on long-term debt
  • Margins


All income in excess of the cost of providing electricity to members is allocated back to the members in the form of dividends. The Board sets the standards for how this is handled. Click here for more information on patronage dividends.

Current Board of Directors

Director David HollingsworthDavid

District 1

Director Marvin NewtonMarvin

Vice President
District 3

Director Robert P SmithRobert P
District 2

Director Fred HickenbottomFred

District 1


Director Jerry BarkerJerry

District 2

Director Robert ChesnutRobert
Chesnut III

District 3

Director Marvin HoltkampMarvin

District 3

Director Marvin LarsonMarvin

District 1

Director Larry WhiteLarry

District 2

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