As required by the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flag Rule, Access Energy Cooperative has a program in place designed to protect you and your identity. Under the program, the Cooperative will be working to identify the following red flags:

  • Notifications and warnings from credit reporting agencies
  • Suspicious documents
  • Suspicious personal identifying information
  • Suspicious account activity or unusual use of account
  • Alert from others

Access Energy is on alert for detection in:

New Accounts

In order to detect any Red Flags identified above associated with the opening of new accounts, Access Energy Cooperative personnel will take the following steps to obtain and verify the identity of the person opening the account:

  • Require certain information such as name, date of birth, residential or business address, principal place of business for an entity, driver’s license or other identification;
  • Verify the customer’s identity (a driver’s license or other identification card will be reviewed; for new members a copy will be taken for our records)
  • Review documentation showing the existence of a business entity.

Existing Accounts

In order to detect any of the Red Flags identified above for an existing account, Cooperative personnel will take the following steps to monitor transactions with an account:

  • Verify identification of customers if they request information
  • Verify the validity of requests to change billing addresses; and
  • Verify changes in banking information given for billing and payment purposes.

For more information contact our office at 1.866.242.4232.

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