Customer Rights and Responsibilities to avoid Shutoff of Electric Service for Non-payment

The following is a summary of your rights and remedies under the rules of the Utilities Division of the Iowa Department of Commerce to avoid disconnection of utility service.

Disconnection can be avoided by paying the past due amount or by making arrangements to pay on or before the date listed on the notice.

1. What can I do if I receive a notice from the utility that says  my service will be shut off because I have a past due bill?
2. How do I go about making a reasonable payment plan? (Residential customers only)
3. How do I apply for low-income energy assistance? (Residential customers only)
4. What if someone living at the residence has a serious health condition? (Residential customers only)
5. What should I do if I believe my bill is not correct?
6. When can the utility shut off my utility service because I have not paid my bill?
7. How will I be told the utility is going to shut off my service?
8. If service is shut off, when will it be turned back on?
9. Is there any other help available besides my utility?