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Section 1—Statement of Operations
Section 2—Definitions
Section 3—Requirements for Service
Section 4—Characteristics of Service
Section 5—Facility Extensions
Section 6—Refusal or Disconnection of Service
Section 7—Meter Installations
Section 8—Underground Electric Facilities
Section 9—Wiring Standards
Section 10—Meter Reading
Section 11—Billing Procedure
Section 12—Collections
Section 13—Meter Testing
Section 14—Uncollected Accounts
Section 15—Temporary Disconnections
Section 16—Idle Services
Section 17—Service Calls
Section 18—Relocation of Facilities
Section 19—Use of Cooperative's Facilities
Section 20—Damage to Cooperative's Facilities
Section 21—Lighting Service
Section 22—Special Conditions of Service
Section 23—Complaints
Section 24—Inspection of Electrical Plant
Section 25—Forms and Contracts
Section 26—Retail Rate Schedules
Section 27—Co-generation and Small Rate Power Production Service
Section 28—Electric Tax Adjustment Rider #1
Section 29—Alternative Energy Program
Section 30—Sale of Material