Restoring Power After a Storm

Mother Nature doesn’t always follow the rules. She sends wind, lightning, and other weather elements that can cause disruptions in your service.

After a storm, outages can sometimes occur at several points in an electric system. At Access Energy Cooperative our goal is to get the power back on for everyone in the most efficient, safe manner while restoring electricity to the greatest number of consumers in the shortest amount of time.

When a widespread outage occurs, here’s how our repair crews work:

  • they first check substations
  • then work their way out on the main distribution line, restoring service to the main feeder lines
  • then they move to lines serving groups of homes
  • and finally individual consumers

Fixing the damage at an individual home first is useless if the main line is dead-no electricity would flow into the home anyway. By repairing the main line first, many more people will have their power restored.

What should you do if the lights go out?

  • If you lose power during a storm, call us right away so we can determine the extent of the power failure. Please keep in mind that during a large spread outage, it may take a few calls to get through on the phone lines. Please be patient with us and keep calling.
  • Stay away from fallen trees or power lines. Avoid driving down roads or streets with fallen trees and power lines.
  • Disconnect TVs, computers, and all electronic equipment to prevent damage when power is restored.
  • Above all, stay inside and try to be patient. We’re working hard to have your power on again as soon as possible.

Click here for more information on what to do during an outage.

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