Power Supply Mix

2018 Power Supply Mix

2018 Power Supply Mix

Access Energy Cooperative purchases all our power from NE Power Electric Cooperative (see more information below), who in turn purchase their power from Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.  To the left is a chart of the mixture of fuels and renewable energy mix that makes up the power our members use.

Three Tiers Forms Strong System

three-tiersAccess Energy Cooperative obtains our power from a system of cooperatives that is organized into three levels or “tiers;” each with its own set of responsibilities.

Distribution Cooperative

The system’s top tier is made up of 51 distribution cooperatives in Missouri, southern Iowa and northeast Oklahoma.


Access Energy Cooperative—your cooperative—is a distribution cooperative. Click here for a map of Access Energy Cooperative’s service area.

Distribution Cooperatives provide electric service directly to consumer-members, including businesses, farms and households.

Distribution Cooperatives accept the responsibilities including:

  • installation and maintenance of power lines from substations to consumer-members,
  • planning for the future needs of their service area,
  • working with communities to encourage economic development and
  • helping their members learn to conserve energy.

Transmission Cooperative 

At the second level of the system are Regional Cooperatives that transmit Associated Electric Cooperative’s power to the 51 distribution cooperatives. They are called transmission cooperatives. 

Northeast Power is a transmission cooperative, located in Palmyra, MO. Our transmission cooperatives serve six geographical areas of Missouri, southern Iowa and northeast Oklahoma. Click here to view a map of this region.

In other areas, these organizations may be known as generation and transmission cooperatives (G&Ts) where they serve as the generation and the transmission cooperative together.

G&Ts work on a regional level as construction agents and also own and maintain all electrical systems above 161-kilovolt.

Generation Cooperative

The system’s third tier is the Generation Cooperative. Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. is our generation cooperative.

Generation cooperatives are responsible for generation and power procurement. Associated has a flexible mix of resources, including:

  • thermal generation facilities
  • hydro power access
  • interconnections with neighboring utilities
  • wind and other renewable resource generation 

Associated also provides insurance, marketing, economic development, environmental protection and labor relations.

Click here for a map of their territory. 

The three-tier system is a very successful partnership

Our cooperatives have wholesale electric rates that are among the lowest in the United States. Associated received high bond ratings from three separate rating agencies, engaged to assess its credit worthiness.

The three-tier system brings efficiency through specialization at each level of the system. The entire three-tier system benefits from the economy of scale and, since each tier can react quickly to changes, the overall competitiveness of the system is improved.

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