If you are considering an addition to your home or business, or changing existing major electrical facilities, such as switching to an electric heating source, please make sure you contact our office to have your load re-evaluated. It may be a case where your transformer needs to be re-sized to provide safe, reliable, efficient service.

Please be reminded that the state of Iowa must inspect newly installed electric services before your electric cooperative can energize them. All facilities on the load side of the meter belong to the member-consumer and are the member-consumer’s responsibility to maintain. Member-consumers should call on independent electricians to make necessary relocations or improvements to the member-consumer’s facilities.
When in doubt, call our office and ask to speak to the Engineering department. We are here to serve your needs and are happy to assist with any questions you have.

And don’t forget about our rebate program for energy efficient appliances and heating systems, and tax credits offered by Uncle Sam when remodeling or building. Check out our website at
www.accessenergycoop.com or call our marketing department.

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