On April 1, 2016, Access Energy Cooperative will implement our first rate adjustment since 2009. We place a strong emphasis on providing you, our member-owner, with exceptional service to meet your energy needs. As a not-for-profit electric utility, the price of electricity is based on the cost of operating your cooperative and delivering to you safe, reliable, efficient electric service, while remaining a good citizen in our communities.

While virtually all aspects of today’s cost of living continue to rise, we only consider an adjustment when we really need to. To maintain the quality, reliability and integrity of the services we provide, it is necessary for us to adjust our pricing structure.

Several factors, many of which we have limited or no control over, are driving this rate increase. The main driver stems from the increase in the cost of the power we purchase from Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative, which is generated by Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. Purchased power is sixty percent of our total expenses.

Costs continue to increase for our power supplier, due to things such as environmental compliance, contracted wind and hydro purchase prices, increased plant operations and fixed costs, and high voltage transmission costs.

In addition to the increased cost of power, there are internal factors driving increases in our costs that include, but definitely are not limited to, capital expenses we invest in order to maintain system reliability and internal operating costs. We, the board, management and employees of Access Energy Cooperative, pride ourselves on being responsible stewards of your resources; and we do everything within our power to control costs. While there are factors over which we have limited or no control, such as Mother Nature and regulatory compliance, we constantly look for ways to do what we can to limit cost increases.

It is important to note we have many cost-effective, energy efficiency programs, rebates, and services available to help you control your costs and energy use as well. This helps you exercise control over the amount of your electric bill.

You should have received a letter mailed February 29, 2016, describing in detail the rate information for your account. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the implementation of this rate increase, or regarding the programs we have available to help you manage your energy usage, we encourage you to call our offices at 319-385-1577 or 1-866-242-4232.

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