In attempt to reduce risks associated with the avian influenza and other potential risks associated with poultry production or other confinement facilities, please contact our office as soon as possible, and provide us with the biosecurity protocol for your facilities. You can call 1-866-242-4232 or email your information to

Thank you. 

With the recent outbreak of avian influenza impacting poultry growers, in addition to last year’s porcine epidemic diarrhea virus which impacted the pork industry, it’s become apparent to us that we need to be more proactive in assisting producers in the biosecurity of their facilities.   

Currently we do not have complete information on which accounts serve livestock facilities, so I am asking for livestock producers that we serve to provide us information on which of their cooperative accounts they house livestock in along with the type of livestock raised. We also want to make sure we are following your biosecurity protocol measures, so I am also asking that you provide us with any information you can share on this for your livestock facilities. You can call at 866-242-4232 or use the Contact Us form on our website at.

Presently, our employees have been instructed to avoid non-essential visits to poultry facilities to help reduce the risk of spreading avian influenza. If we must go on-site to restore power, or for other essential reasons, our personnel will strictly adhere to the biosecurity protocols established at your facility. We are working with the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, our state-wide organization, and with other agencies and organizations to continually monitor the situation and enhance biosecurity protocols if needed.   

For member-owners who have backyard chickens or other poultry on their property, make sure to keep cages