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Rate Schedules

Rates charged by Access Energy Cooperative are established by the Board of Directors with the advice of engineering consultants, accountants and electric rate specialists. All factors contributing to the cost of providing service are tabulated and projected. This includes the cost of:

  • wholesale power
  • cost of operating and maintaining the distribution system
  • accounting and sales expense
  • administrative expense
  • depreciation on the investment in power lines, equipment and facilities
  • taxes
  • interest on long-term debt
  • and margins.

Rate Schedules

Small Commercial
Large Commercial
Large Power

What is a Fixed Facilities Charge?

The fixed facilities charge is a fixed charge for each account that covers the costs associated with providing a meter and service to the location. It includes costs such as meter installation and maintenance, as well as administration costs.

Fixed facilities charges vary by rate class, as they are determined by the costs for each rate class individually according to the expenses that apply to that class of service. The fixed facilities charge is similar to your monthly charge for phone service, cable service, and where applicable your water service. 

Fees for Services

Effective 5/1/2017

Vehicle Rates

  • Pickup $1.10/mile
  • Trencher $65.00/hour
  • Digger Derrick $70.00/hour plus $3.50/mile
  • Fork Lift $6.00/hour
  • Uni-Loader $30.00/hour
  • Basket Truck $25.00/hour plus $3.00/mile
  • Skid Steer $45.00/hour
  • Maintenance Truck $60.00/hour plus $1.25/mile
  • Chipper $50.00/hour
  • Excavator $45.00/hour
  • Dump Truck $2.00/mile

Labor (minimum labor charge $75.00)

  • Hourly rate $70.00/person/hour
  • O/T rate $105.00/person/hour
  • D/T rate $140.00/person/hour


  • Actual cost plus 100% markup