Mechanical and electric problems often show up in the form of excess heat. With our thermal imaging equipment, the experts at Access Energy Cooperative can assist you in pinpointing any hot spots your equipment may have, and prevent costly downtime by allowing you to make corrections and repairs before a failure could occur.

This service is offered free to our members

Access Energy Cooperative offers thermal imaging services free to our members. Incorporated as part of a routine maintenance program, annual thermal imaging inspections could be beneficial in providing energy savings, as well as improvements to plant safety.

How thermal imaging works

Poor electrical connections cause an increase in resistance, which results in an increase in temperature. An infrared camera can find electrical problems before they cause serious destruction of equipment—and expensive outages.

Our thermal imaging equipment captures temperature difference in colorful images. If a potential problem exists, the infrared image pinpoints the exact areas of temperature rise.

Our equipment can detect many potential threats including, but not limited to:

  • defective fuses
  • current imbalances between phases
  • loose or corroded connections
  • overloaded circuits and transformers
  • mismatched overloads
  • faulty contacts inside a circuit breaker
  • chemical contamination
  • faulty assemblies
  • wear
  • energy loss from buildings due to insulation problems

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