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Buying Energy Efficiency

When purchasing new appliances, you probably find yourself comparing the annual energy consumption on the yellow tags, and notice that efficiency costs extra. When it comes to appliances, water heaters and HVAC systems, you are usually faced with a common dilemma: pay now or pay (more) later. The answer is simple: Make efficiency affordable. Energy […]

Fighting the Winter Chills

Another colder-than-normal winter is predicted for much of the country this year. Frigid temperatures can cause heating systems to work overtime, and since heating and cooling can make up nearly half of your electric bill, you may want to look for ideas on how to keep your bill in control. Here are things you can […]

Unwrap Winter Energy Savings

It’s the most wonderful time of year—and it’s almost here! It’s that special time of year when we spend a great deal of time with friends and family, either in the kitchen or out and about shopping for the perfect gift. As you find yourself wrapped up in the holiday excitement, Access Energy Cooperative reminds […]

Draft Dodgers: Weather stripping your home

There is no doubt about it; the cold weather is on its way. Not only is it important to make sure that your heating unit is working properly, but you should check your home to make sure that none of that heat is escaping. When the weather turns colder, drafts around windows and doors are […]

Change Ceiling Fan Rotation to Clockwise

Ceiling fans can cut your electric bills year-round, but before you run out and buy one for every room, it’s important to be wiser about how fans can help you save energy. If you install a ceiling fan and don’t adjust your thermostat settings accordingly, you may be more comfortable–but you also could be increasing […]