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Confused About Shopping for Lights?

Bulbs, lumens, and labels—oh my! Remember when the compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb was introduced to consumers a few years ago? It’s still here and so are most of the classic pear-shaped incandescent bulbs. But today’s lighting choices have expanded and gotten serious makeovers—their packaging labels and lingo included. There is such confusion with LEDs, CFLs, […]

Make Your Yard Save You Money

Location, location, location is the mantra in real estate, but it also applies to your yard this time of year when the search is on to lower energy bills and create curb appeal. Positioning the right combination of plants and trees can yield shade, beautify, and unearth energy savings. Such smart or energy-efficient landscaping, claims […]

When to Pull the Plug

Saying goodbye to an old friend can be daunting. But pulling the plug on an outdated refrigerator or dishwasher might save you money; new appliances are often considerably more energy-efficient. A new refrigerator consumes 75 percent less energy than a 1970s model. Making the decision to replace a vintage clothes washer can save $60 on […]

Cooking Efficiently

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that cooking alone accounts for 4% of total home energy use, and this figure doesn’t include the energy costs associated with refrigeration, heating water, and dishwashing. As holiday parties and potlucks gear up, keep these tips in mind to help save in energy costs: Don’t peek Every time the […]

Take the Chill Out of Winter Bills

Between holiday houseguests and shorter, colder days, electric bills tend to climb in the winter. Read on for ways to save energy when the temperature drops. HEATING, VENTILATION and AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS Lower your thermostat to 68° (or lower). If you decrease the temperature by just one degree, you can save up to 5% on […]