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New Lighting Standards in 2014

As federal efficiency standards phase out traditional incandescent lightbulbs, how do you know what is the best choice to use now? The compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were the first cost-effective, energy-saving alternative to traditional bulbs. “We gave away CFLs at our annual meetings, energy audits and other member events for several years.  We see them […]

Automatic Controls Help with Lighting Costs

Whether you can’t train your kids to turn out indoor lights when they leave a room or need a better outdoor lighting scheme, automatic controls might be a cost-effective solution. No matter what type you use, the most important thing to remember for any lighting control is to use a type of lightbulb that doesn’t […]

Energy From the Ground Up

Geothermal energy—created from Earth’s natural heat—has been used for thousands of years to cook and bathe. Modern technology has unlocked new ways to harness geothermal potential: to produce electricity using hot water and steam locked below the Earth’s surface, and to heat and cool buildings. America leads the world in geothermal power production. Nine states […]

Around-the-Clock Appliances

In 2013, new appliances don’t just cook your food and keep it cold, wash your clothes and dishes, or offer a few hours of entertainment. These machines boast myriad functions that make our lives easier—but in doing so also consume more energy. While appliances have become more energy efficient as technology has evolved and federal […]

What Uses the Most Energy in the Summer?

Summer vacation can be a recipe for high electric bills if kids are home all day. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that 9 percent of Americans’ household energy costs are dedicated to air conditioning alone, so try these tips to keep costs down when the temperature rises. Avoid ‘phantom’ load Get your family […]