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Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes

Not all manufactured homes are created equal. To find the most energy-efficient home, look for one that is ENERGY STAR® qualified. An ENERGY STAR® manufactured home may not look any different from other homes, but will save you energy—and money. Here’s why. Every ENERGY STAR® manufactured home comes with several important features: effective insulation in […]

Space Heater Facts

Cold weather has many of the nation’s electric cooperatives bracing for calls from consumer-members concerned about higher bills. And many concede that some of those calls will come from disappointed members who expected to save money by relying on space heaters to heat their homes. “During an energy audit, I found three 1,500-watt heaters in […]

Seal Cracks to Save Energy & Money

Finding and sealing air leaks can save you energy and money. Here’s a tip from Access Energy Cooperative that can help keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter while lowering your utility bills. Caulking cracks and openings can save you $212 a year. Find cracks by waiting for a windy day and […]

Insulating Your Attic: More is Better

Is there enough insulation in your attic? By adding insulation, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money. Here’s a tip from that can help reduce your energy consumption—and your electric bills. With adequate attic insulation, your home’s heating/cooling system will operate more efficiently. It will keep you cooler in the summer and […]

Slay Energy Vampires with Smart Strips

As children, most of us were told to turn off the TV when no one was in the room to keep from wasting energy. But with today’s televisions, turning off the set doesn’t save as much energy as you think. “Off” doesn’t really mean off anymore. Several devices found inside your home are commonly referred […]