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Keeping Your Lights On

It’s a simple premise: when you flip the switch at home, the lights should come on. And at Access Energy Cooperative, we work hard to ensure you have electricity every hour of every day. It’s what we do; we’re here for you, our member-owners. Even as we upgrade the distribution system to improve reliability, we […]

Metal Theft Threatens Safety & Lives

Would you risk being hit by lightning for $100? Seems a bit ludicrous, but desperate times cause folks to do foolish things. Thefts of copper, bronze, aluminum, and bronze are on the rise, at abandoned commercial buildings, empty homes, and—most dangerously—at power substations near neighborhoods. We need your help to keep our equipment safe, prevent […]

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Coming Up

  • Access Energy Cooperative is looking forward to the 2019 Legislative Session and great working relationships with representatives from our area!

    Welcome back to session legislators!

    Welcome back to session legislators!


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