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Mt Pleasant Middle School Energy Presentation

General Manager/CEO Kevin Wheeler, along with Kim Davis, Alan Raymer and Gary Stevens from the Access Energy Cooperative member services department spent the day with Mt Pleasant middle school students talking about generation of electricity, renewable energy, and ways they can help our environment by saving energy. The presentations were accompanied by an exhibit of […]

Upcoming Rate Increase-How Can We Help Keep Your Bill Lower

Now, as Mother Nature begins to loosen her hold from winter, and we start to see Spring fade in, I want to remind everyone that our rate increase will take effect April 1, 2016. No one likes an increase, but it is necessary to maintain a safe, reliable electrical system and keep your cooperative financially […]

Did You Switch Your Ceiling Fan Rotation?

Time to Change the Rotation of your Ceiling Fans to Clockwise Ceiling fans can cut your electric bills year-round, but before you run out and buy one for every room, it’s important to be wiser how fans can help you save energy. If you install a ceiling fan and don’t adjust your thermostat settings accordingly, […]

Start Saving with a DIY Home Energy Audit

As temperatures drop and your energy focus turns from cooling your home to heating it, it’s a great time to think about saving energy too! Whether your home is old or new, chances are you are spending more on energy costs than necessary.      You can conduct a basic energy audit of your home to […]

Shield Your Home from Energy Loss with Adequate Insulation

Walls. Floors. Ceilings. Attic. These are some of the prime areas of a home that need insulation in order for you to maximize energy efficiency.          According to the Department of Energy (DOE), adding insulation to your home is a sound investment that is likely to quickly pay for itself in reduced utility […]

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Warmer weather is on the way! Use energy efficient window treatments or coverings, like blinds, shades and films, to reduce heat gain in your home. These devices not only improve the look of your home but also reduce energy costs..