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Use Space Heaters Safely

Items on Utility Poles Are a Safety Hazard & Illegal

Although it may seem like a good idea, putting signs, satellite dishes, deer stands,  or other items on utility poles creates serious safety hazards. Staples, nails, and tacks used to hang things—as well as the items themselves—pose dangers to Access Energy Cooperative line workers who must climb poles to restore or to perform routine maintenance.               […]

Move Over and Slow Down For Safety–and the Law!

All of us at Access Energy Cooperative would like your help in keeping our line workers safe while they work on your electric lines. If you see them, move over to the other lane and slow down. We all thank you!

School is out – watch for kids!!

Area Emergency Professionals Talk Safety

One of the most important parts of the Access Energy Cooperative mission statement is safety. And one of the core principles on which we were founded is commitment to community. Access Energy Cooperative has teamed up our mission with our principles and formulated our commitment to providing safety education to our communities where ever possible. […]