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Ag Safety Day Education

Access Energy Cooperative Safety Director Jim Mills and Lineman Korbin Johnson presented safety education to Van Allen Elementary students in Mt. Pleasant on Ag Safety Day.

Stay focused on safety during harvest

During harvest season, many farmers reap the benefits of advancement in agricultural technology. With the help of GPS auto-steer devices, farmers are able to decrease driver error and maximize productivity. Yet despite these advances, safety risks remain. To help farmers stay out of harm’s way, here are some tips from Access Energy Cooperative and from […]

Look Up for Hazards During Harvest

After working in a field on a neighbor’s farm, Jim Flach parked his equipment and stepped out of the vehicle. Sadly, Jim did not realize his equipment was touching an overhead power line, and he became a path for the electrical current as he placed his foot onto the ground. Jim received a severe electric […]

ATTENTION Confinement Facilities

In attempt to reduce risks associated with the avian influenza and other potential risks associated with poultry production or other confinement facilities, please contact our office as soon as possible, and provide us with the biosecurity protocol for your facilities. You can call 1-866-242-4232 or email your information to Thank you.  With the recent […]

Understanding Power Strips

High-tech gadgets, appliances, and computers all have one weakness in common: deadly power surges. Too much electricity coursing through connecting wires can fry circuitry inside sensitive electronics, reducing them to expensive trash. Unfortunately, electric current coming from your wall outlet doesn’t always remain at a steady, optimal 120 volts. Electricity can spike for a number […]