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Electrical Safety in the Neighborhood

Chances are you don’t think much about power lines. They’re easy to overlook, stringing high above your roof, along property lines and roadways, or near trees. But the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind,” may be dangerous—power lines pose serious electrical hazards if forgotten. Trees can be a power line’s worst enemy. Strong […]

The Big Green Box

They’re big. They’re often green. They generally sit on concrete, often within housing developments. Some folks don’t like these “electrical boxes” (a common nickname for pad-mount transformers) and try to hide them with bushes, fences, or flower beds. But stay clear: even small additions around pad-mount transformers create hazards. To improve aesthetics of new neighborhoods, […]

Safe Grilling

Read and follow all the grill manufacturer’s instructions before turning on and lighting the grill. Keep the top open when lighting a propane grill, and don’t close it until you are sure the grill is lit. Turn off the burner control and close the cylinder valve–when a grill is not in use for extended periods […]

Protect Children and Pets From Electrical Hazards

Accidents around the home result in millions of injuries to the most vulnerable members of your family — young children and pets — each year. For example, approximately 2,400 children receive emergency room treatment annually for injuries caused by inserting objects into electrical receptacles, according the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). With a few […]

Why Do Coops Spend Money on Keeping Right-of-ways cleared?

Vegetation management, commonly referred to as right-of-way maintenance, is essential in providing safe and reliable electric service. Electric cooperatives work hard to ensure that rights of way are regularly cleared of trees and brush to help reduce potential outages and hazards. Trees and branches growing in or near power lines can cause interruptions in service. […]