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ATTENTION Confinement Facilities

In attempt to reduce risks associated with the avian influenza and other potential risks associated with poultry production or other confinement facilities, please contact our office as soon as possible, and provide us with the biosecurity protocol for your facilities. You can call 1-866-242-4232 or email your information to Thank you.  With the recent […]

Tree Trimming Helps Keep People Safe

To protect electric reliability and personal safety, it is important that Access Energy Cooperative periodically trims trees near power lines. Tree limbs and power lines are a bad combination, especially with storms involving high winds, lightning, snow, or ice. Trees are one of the most common causes of electric service outages. Tree limbs and branches […]

Giving You Reliable Power

It’s a simple premise: when you flip the switch at home, the lights should come on. And at Access Energy Cooperative, we work hard to ensure you have electricity every hour of every day. It’s what we do; we’re here for you, our member-owners. Even as we upgrade the distribution system to improve reliability, we […]

Breaker Box Safety and AFCIs

With so much electricity funneling through our breaker boxes through the rest of your home to your outlets and switches, it is important that the home owner not only knows how to use a breaker box, but also how to do so safely. The breaker box houses a panel of breakers and fuses that protect […]

Quality Surge Protection

There is little, if anything, you can buy today that does not have some electronic component. Make sure your electronics last as long as possible, not replacement plans or extended warranties, but by protecting your products from electrical surges. What is a surge? Computer Hope ( on the ‘Net’ says: “Alternatively known as a line […]