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Are You Grounded? GFCI Outlets Can Help!

Did you know there are different types of electrical outlets? Each is designed for different purposes; however, there is one specific type that stands high above the rest—the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. GFCIs have saved thousands of lives and cut the number of electrocutions in half since the 1970s. If your home lacks GFCI […]

Teach Your Children Electrical Safety

Electricity is a dynamic power source. We live our lives surrounded by it, but sometimes we forget just how dangerous electricity can be. Many home electrical fires, injuries and electrocutions can be prevented when we understand and practice electrical safety. This is especially true for our youngest co-op members. Throughout the year, Access Energy Cooperative […]

Plug-ins That Keep Kids Safe

They may look like standard outlets, but tamper resistant receptacles, or TRRs, are different. Their most distinguishable feature—a built-in shutter system that prevents foreign objects from being inserted—sets them apart. Only a plug that applies simultaneous, equal pressure to both slots will disengage the cover plates, allowing access to the contact points.  Without this synchronized […]

Enjoy a Safe Start to Spring

As the spring season approaches, many will usher in the warmer weather by thoroughly cleaning their homes and tending to yard work. The Electrical Safety Foundation (ESFI) recommends homeowners ensure that electrical hazards are eliminated along with unwanted dust and clutter. ESFI suggests starting with the basement, an important, but often overlooked space when it […]

Garage Door Safety

Automatic garage doors may be a routine part of leaving and arriving home, but you should be aware of the potential for injury. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., recommends these tips to make safety an open and shut case when it comes to your home’s garage: Always keep automatic garage doors fully open or fully closed. Some […]