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Want Efficient, Safe Laundry?

Household chores like laundry seem fairly safe. But hidden problems like lint buildup in a dryer could lead to higher energy bills due to inefficiency and, ultimately, hazardous conditions in your home. It is important to clean the lint filter after each load and occasionally remove the filter and wash it with a nylon brush […]

Protect Your Home from Electrical Fires

Each year, electrical failures and malfunctions cause 43,900 home fires, resulting in 438 deaths, 1,430 injuries, and $1.47 billion in property damage. But many home electrical fires can be prevented simply by understanding basic electrical safety principles and following safe practices. This year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign—Oct. 6–12—focuses on kitchen fires. The Electrical Safety Foundation […]

Electrical Safety

The current economic downturn has inspired more homeowners to tackle do-it-yourself projects than ever before. Faced with declining home values and aging properties, homeowners in some cases may choose not to pay for the services of a licensed electrician. However, most of us don’t have the training or experience needed to safely perform electrical work, […]

Electrical Safety Measures for Older Adults

Statistics show that home fires result in a significant number of deaths and injuries each year. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), U.S. fire departments respond to an estimated average of 371,700 home structure fires per year. These fires cause an estimated average of 2,590 civilian deaths and 12,910 civilian injuries. Although electrical […]

Protect Against Power Surges

Power surges are responsible for millions of dollars of property damage each year, and, over time, they can cause cumulative damage while decreasing the lifespan of TVs, computers, stereo equipment, and anything else plugged into a wall outlet. Being educated is the key to choosing the best surge protection for your home. What is a […]