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Stay Safe Outside

When the weather begins to warm up, kids and adults alike will head outside to perform winter clean-up and play. Before they do, remind them to look up and be alert for power lines and other electrical hazards, the best way to stay safe from electrocution—and even death. “Here at Access Energy Cooperative, using proper […]

Understanding Power Strips

High-tech gadgets, appliances, and computers all have one weakness in common: deadly power surges. Too much electricity coursing through connecting wires can fry circuitry inside sensitive electronics, reducing them to expensive trash. Unfortunately, electric current coming from your wall outlet doesn’t always remain at a steady, optimal 120 volts. Electricity can spike for a number […]

Be a Family with a Safety Plan

It’s not pleasant to think about worst-case scenerios. But a little planning can make a difference if the worst does happen. Follow these tips to avoid feeling helpless during a disaster. BEFORE A DISASTER Communicate. Talk with your family about who to call, where to go, and what to do if disaster strikes. Educate. Organize […]

Making Your Home Safe for Baby

Preparing for a baby—whether you’re a new parent or an extended family member—is no small task. Along with a little bundle of joy comes a big responsibility for feeding, cleaning, and providing a secure environment. Bumps and boo-boos will be part of a child’s life. But make the effort to keep a baby safe from […]

Lighting Pilot Lights

If a pilot light repeatedly goes out or is very difficult to light, there may be a safety problem. Do not try to fix the problem yourself. It is strongly recommended that only a qualified service technician light any pilot light that has gone out. You are taking the risk of starting a fire or […]