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Electrical Safety Measures for Older Adults

Statistics show that home fires result in a significant number of deaths and injuries each year. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), U.S. fire departments respond to an estimated average of 371,700 home structure fires per year. These fires cause an estimated average of 2,590 civilian deaths and 12,910 civilian injuries. Although electrical […]

Protect Against Power Surges

Power surges are responsible for millions of dollars of property damage each year, and, over time, they can cause cumulative damage while decreasing the lifespan of TVs, computers, stereo equipment, and anything else plugged into a wall outlet. Being educated is the key to choosing the best surge protection for your home. What is a […]

Stay Safe Outside

When the weather begins to warm up, kids and adults alike will head outside to perform winter clean-up and play. Before they do, remind them to look up and be alert for power lines and other electrical hazards, the best way to stay safe from electrocution—and even death. “Here at Access Energy Cooperative, using proper […]

Understanding Power Strips

High-tech gadgets, appliances, and computers all have one weakness in common: deadly power surges. Too much electricity coursing through connecting wires can fry circuitry inside sensitive electronics, reducing them to expensive trash. Unfortunately, electric current coming from your wall outlet doesn’t always remain at a steady, optimal 120 volts. Electricity can spike for a number […]

Be a Family with a Safety Plan

It’s not pleasant to think about worst-case scenerios. But a little planning can make a difference if the worst does happen. Follow these tips to avoid feeling helpless during a disaster. BEFORE A DISASTER Communicate. Talk with your family about who to call, where to go, and what to do if disaster strikes. Educate. Organize […]