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Storm Safety

Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding can leave more than damage in their wake—they can leave hidden dangers as well. In some cases, more lives are lost after the storm than from the storm itself. When outside, stay away from downed power lines and be alert to the possibility that tree limbs or debris may […]

Lightning Questions Answered

What should I do if I am caught outside during a lightning storm? Move to a low point. Lightning hits the tallest available object, so get down low in a crouched position if you are in an exposed area. Stay away from trees. Avoid metal. Don’t hold onto metal items like a bat, golf club, […]

Carbon Monoxide and Your Safety

WHAT IS CARBON MONOXIDE (CO)? You can’t taste or smell CO, but it is a very dangerous gas, produced when any fuel burns. High levels of CO can come from appliances that are not operating correctly, or from a venting system or chimney that becomes blocked. Co can be deadly! High levels of CO can […]

Be Alert to Avoid Lightning

Did you know lighting can strike even if it’s not raining? Lightning strikes kill 55 to 60 people every year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). More than 400 people are hit by a bolt each year. But if you prepare before an outdoor event and know how to protect yourself, you […]

Home Wiring Over the Hill?

Consider Easy Upgrades to Boost Safety By Kelly Trapnell  Nothing has the charm of an older home on a family farm or a cute cottage in a historical downtown district. But cosmetic and structural upgrades are often packged with the cozy charm. When upgrading your home, a fresh coat of paint and updated fixtures may […]