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Farmers Evaluate Payback and Energy Savings

Evaluating the energy savings of new equipment for the farm can prove challenging. A new publication from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach gives examples for comparing the payback periods of energy-related purchases.      “Estimating payback for energy efficiency,” (PM 2089S), is available to download from the Extension Online Store,      “Some […]

Electrical Wiring For Livestock & Poultry Structures

Livestock and poultry structures are particularly vulnerable to fire and other hazards from using improper wiring materials and methods. The corrosive atmosphere found in such structures produces rapid deterioration of electrical equipment and wiring materials unless special precautions are taken. Insufficient grounding, overloaded currents, or the use of wiring materials designed for residential (not agricultural) […]

Electric Motors Efficiency & Maintenance

Electric motors are vital to all farm and agribusiness operations, whether they involve poultry, swine, cattle feeding, dairy, or crops. Specific uses include: Feed processing and transport; Air movement for ventilation of animal buildings and for crop drying; Refrigeration of milk, eggs, and other perishables; Water pumping for irrigation, livestock watering, or wash-down operations. To […]

Throwing the Switch Celebration

On September 2nd, Access Energy Cooperative held a Throwing the Switch ceremony to celebrate the installation of the second largest solar project in Iowa. The system is a 100KW DC solar array consisting of 429 individual photovoltaic modules that is expected to provide 25% of the facilities energy needs, including Congressman Loebsack, staff from both […]

Conserving Heat Energy in Farm Shops

Constructing or upgrading a farm shop requires decisions about insulation and heating systems. A new publication from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach addresses energy efficiency for shop heating. “Conserve Heat Energy in the Farm Shop” (PM 2089P) is available to download from the Extension Online Store, Seasonal and day-to-day use of the farm […]

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