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New Publication Illustrates Energy Efficient Farm Lighting Options

Farm lighting is a key factor for worker safety, animal production and overall farmstead security. Many farm facilities use incandescent bulbs in a variety of settings, but the upcoming phase-out of incandescents among U.S. retailers demands consideration of energy efficient lighting alternatives. A variety of bulbs and fixtures already are available to replace incandescent bulbs. […]

Renewables at Access Energy

On July 8, our new solar array was energized for the first time. So far I am very impressed with its performance. We expect the 100 KW array to provide about 25% of our office’s energy needs. Based on the solar array’s performance thus far, it appears it will exceed that for the month of […]

 Access Energy Cooperative Installs Second Largest Solar Project in Iowa

Access Energy Cooperative has contracted Pfoff Electric, Inc., a recognized electric service leader for Eastern Iowa for more than 6 years,  to install a 100 KW Photovaltaic System at your cooperative headquarters.  The 100 KW solar array from Integrated Power Corporation, (iPower), consists of more than 400 individual solar panels. It is anticipated the array […]

Morris Park Upgrade

Access Energy Cooperative crews completed an upgrade to the electrical facilities at Morris Park near Stockport in Van Buren County. The upgraded electrical facilities are able to handle the needs of RVs and camping trailers.  With fuel costs increasing it’s a great opportunity for folks to camp close to home, and it’s a great spot […]

Tree Trimming Helps Keep People Safe and the Power on When Storms Hit

To protect electric reliability and personal safety it is important that your Access Energy Cooperative crews periodically trim trees near power lines. Tree limbs and power lines are a bad combination, especially with storms involving high winds, lightning, or ice. Trees are one of the most common causes of an electric service outage.   Tree […]

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