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NEW LED Outdoor Area Lighting Program

In 2015, we will begin a new program to phase out our existing high pressure sodium (HPS) leased lights with new LED lights. Any outside area HPS lights which are leased that require maintenance will be replaced with the new LED lights, along with any new leased lights installed. The only thing you should notice […]

Call Us For Safety Information Before Starting A Solar or Wind Project

Concern for community is at the heart of our cooperative business model, which is why the safety of our member-owners and employees is our top priority. A commitment to safety is present in every aspect of our business, whether it involves linemen working on power poles and lines, workers in our offices, or member-service personnel […]

You’re Not Alone in the Dark

Electricity powers our lives. We depend on it for nearly everything we do. So we understand how frustrating it can be when you’re left in the dark.      Power outages are never convenient. It takes a lot of hands to keep your power on, and even more hands to get it up and running […]

The Cowboy Co-op

October is National Co-op Month, so it seems fitting for Access Energy Cooperative to look back to our beginnings and reflect on the reasons for the creation of electric cooperatives. This is a remarkable story that demonstrates the exceptional nature of the Americans who populated rural America, then and now.      Nineteen hundred and […]

Electricity: A Great Value

In today’s world, you won’t find many items that cost less than $5. You can purchase a gallon of milk, a gallon of gas or a Big Mac meal from McDonalds. But did you know that an average day’s worth of electricity costs less than $5? Even in our country’s shifting energy climate, electricity remains […]

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