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The Cowboy Co-op

October is National Co-op Month, so it seems fitting for Access Energy Cooperative to look back to our beginnings and reflect on the reasons for the creation of electric cooperatives. This is a remarkable story that demonstrates the exceptional nature of the Americans who populated rural America, then and now.      Nineteen hundred and […]

Electricity: A Great Value

In today’s world, you won’t find many items that cost less than $5. You can purchase a gallon of milk, a gallon of gas or a Big Mac meal from McDonalds. But did you know that an average day’s worth of electricity costs less than $5? Even in our country’s shifting energy climate, electricity remains […]

Considering a Renewable Energy Project?

The basic elements of a renewable energy system interconnected to the Access Energy Cooperative distribution system are generally constant. The configuration may vary somewhat depending on the owner’s location and equipment-as well as state law and local code requirements.      Owners of all such systems must, by law, notify the cooperative at least 30 […]

Did You Know?

Sending power to your home is a lot like driving to a neighboring state.  You wouldn’t consider taking a two-lane secondary road to travel to a city hundreds of miles away, would you? Of course not: You would find the nearest interstate so you could drive faster and arrive at your destination in less time. […]

Access Energy Helps Harmony School

Access Energy Cooperative recently helped Harmony Community School with their new sports complex project. Crews set poles and trenched in new electrical line for field lighting—just in time for this football season.

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