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What Does Cooperative Really Mean?

When you hear the word “co-op,” what comes to mind? We hope you think of your friends here at Access Energy Cooperative, but maybe you think of a local farmers’ co-op or a credit union. You might be surprised to learn that co-ops, or cooperatives, can be found in many industries—and they offer a variety […]

Thank You from MP Middle School

Dear Mr. Swindell I am writing you to thank you and your staff for their time and efforts in their presentation and representing your company on Tuesday, March 18th.  Kim, Alan, and Gary all did a great job of adapting a lesson and making it meaningful to the students, giving some great insight to the […]

Energy Audit Finds Big Savings For Member

Dear Access Energy Cooperative,   We recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Iowa. Our electric bills significantly increased once winter set in. We heard an ad on the radio for a free home energy-efficiency audit. I was skeptical, I’m a DIY person myself and have done a lot of construction, electrical, plumbing and heating. But, when […]

Solar Energy During Power Outages

Many consumers considering solar electric systems for their homes believe it will offer them a back-up source of electricity during a power outage. In nearly all cases, when central-station power from the utility goes down, so does power from the solar system. The task of helping consumers understand this limitation often falls upon the local […]

Degree Days Affect Your Bill

The great North American cold wave of 2014 – also known as the Polar Vortex – has got us all wishing winter would just get done, but thanks to Mr. Groundhog, it doesn’t look like that is happening any time soon. With these record low temperatures, we are also experiencing a record number of high […]

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