May 11, 1935        The Rural Electrification Administration (REA) was created.
1937                     Five meetings were held to promote rural electrification. About 300 farmers signed applications for organizing the cooperative.
June 1938             530 members signed applications with 291 being located in Henry County and 239 in Jefferson County. Board members went door to door to get people to sign up.
July 5, 1938          Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State.
July 15, 1938        First official board meeting at Henry County Ag Agent in the post office.
May 18, 1939       Warner A. Russell approved as Project Superintendent for the “Project Iowa 9069-A”.
October 1, 1939    First office open in the Brazelton Hotel Building.
November 1939     First advertisting campaign began.
November 3, 1939 A bid of $132,650.24 by Hoak Construction Company of Des Moines was accepted for building the first section of line.
July 8, 1940          Substation energized and workmen began connecting the home of members whose wiring had been completed. Parke F. Cornick’s home was the first to be energized.
January 9, 1940    The REA approved allotment for construction of 193 miles of highline on the second section.
May 1, 1942         Moved into building on North Main Street formerly occupied by R. Brown & Company.
October 13, 1949  The contract was signed for construction of a new office building and warehouse.
December 1950     New headquarters building at 907 East Washington, Mount Pleasant was completed.
1988                     Opened the outpost in Fairfield.
September 8, 2000 Changed name to Access Energy Cooperative.
March 25, 2002      Bought out of RUS (formerly REA) funding. No longer received government loan assistance.
October 2008         Moved into new facility at 1800 West Washington Street.    
July 2013               Celebrating 75 year of safe, reliable, efficient service and environmental responsibility.

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