Access Energy Cooperative was honored with an award presented to management and the board by the Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) for our leadership in economic development, at the NE Power Cooperative Annual Meeting of Members in Hannibal this month. NE Power is the transmission cooperative that Access Energy Cooperative receives our power from.

We, along with seven other distribution cooperatives like Access Energy, own NE Power as members of the cooperative.

At their annual meeting, they offered a positive report on their financial conditions as a result of gas and coal prices stabilizing, an exceptional year of hydro power subsidization, and all of us using a little less energy than the year before.

NE Power’s CEO and General Manager, Doug Aeilts, sequestered an attitude to keep our eyes on the ball, with a focal point of providing electric power at an affordable rate. The EPA has determined carbon dioxide to be a threat to society and plans to use the Clean Air Act to regulate it. One of the original designers of the Clean Air Act has deemed this proposal to result in a “glorious mess,” as the Clean Air Act was not designed to cover carbon regulations. It is not the right tool for the job. He urged us all to take action now and participate in the “Our Energy, Our Future” campaign and let our legislators know how we feel, by going to

Mr. Aeilts also promised open and honest communications as NE Power’s primary value, and providing reliable and affordable electric service as their primary purpose.

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