One of the cooperative principals under which your cooperative operates is commitment to community. This section is dedicated to your communities and other interesting programs the cooperative is involved in.


Articles about your cooperative, your employees, communities and the energy industry


Find out what’s happening in legislation that could affect your electric bill.

Current Legislative Issues

National Legislative Issues

Legislation News

Contact Your Legislators

Cooperative Action Network

The Cooperative Action Network is the national grassroots organization for the NRECA. Everyone needs to be involved to promote common sense solutions to the problems of today. Find out how you can help control your electric bill.

Economic Development

Access Energy Cooperative is actively involved in partnerships with our area Chambers of Commerce, regional marketing groups, and economic development groups providing assistance wherever we can for economic development efforts.

Revolving Loan Fund

Links to Area Information

Available Sites and Buildings

Economic Development Partners


Find out what is going on at your cooperative and in southeast Iowa

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