Due to safety measures at the nation’s Capitol, mail is sometimes delayed, making e-mail the ideal method for reaching your federal legislators in Washington DC.

To reach your state legislators, e-mail or post cards are the most advantageous method of contact.

The following is a listing of the current legislators in our service area and their contact information.

Federal Senators

Senator Chuck Grassley (R)
Senator Joni Ernst (R)

Federal Representative

Representative Dave Loebsack (D - 2)


State Senators

To see which Senators and Representatives represent you, check the map.

All State Senators and Representatives have the following address:

Legislator’s Name
Iowa Legislature
Second Floor, State Capitol
Des Moines IA 50319

State Senators

Senator Thomas Greene (D - 44)
Senator Rich Taylor (D - 42)
Senator Kevin Kinney (D - 39)
Senator Mark Chelgren (R - 41)

State Representatives

Representative Jerry Kearns (D - 83)
Representative David Heaton (R - 84)
Representative Dennis Cohoon (D - 87)
Representative Phil Miller (D -82)
Representative Jarad Klein (R - 78)
Representative David Kerr (R - 88)
Representative Mary Gaskill (D - 81)