Constructing or upgrading a farm shop requires decisions about insulation and heating systems. A new publication from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach addresses energy efficiency for shop heating.

“Conserve Heat Energy in the Farm Shop” (PM 2089P) is available to download from the Extension Online Store,

Seasonal and day-to-day use of the farm shop determines much of your energy consumption, but design features such as insulation and supplementary heating can be selected to conserve energy

This publication explains recommended R-Values for shop insulation, as well as the placement of foundation insulation, windows and overhead doors when constructing a shop facility. It also addresses some of the features of different shop heating systems, including forced-air, infrared and in-floor heating.

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The Farm Energy publications are part of a series of farm energy conservation and efficiency educational materials being developed through the ISU Farm Energy Initiative. The purpose is to increase farmers’ awareness of opportunities for improving efficient use of farm energy. The initiative also will help farmers and utility providers to explore opportunities to reduce farm energy demand and to improve overall profitability in a rapidly changing energy environment.

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