The basic elements of a renewable energy system interconnected to the Access Energy Cooperative distribution system are generally constant. The configuration may vary somewhat depending on the owner’s location and equipment-as well as state law and local code requirements.
Owners of all such systems must, by law, notify the cooperative at least 30 days before installing a solar array or any other type of renewable energy generation equipment. This is an important safety precaution.
Linemen performing regular maintenance or emergency repairs on power lines could be injured by power back-feeding onto those lines from member-owned alternative energy sources.
Installing a renewable energy system is an individual decision for each member. The cooperative’s role in this process is to help educate the member regarding the cooperative’s expectations in this process.
First and foremost, the Cooperative must protest the safety of cooperative members and employees, maintain the integrity and reliability of the grid and establish mechanisms to ensure cost fairness. Before investing in a wind turbine or before connecting it to the grid, the member-consumer should meet with an Access Energy Cooperative member service specialist to gain an understanding of the expectations for both the cooperative and the member.
Access Energy Cooperative offers a rebate and low-interest loan funds for members considering the installation of a renewable energy system. Contact us at 866.242.4232 for details.

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