We have a number of contractors working throughout the service territory. We currently have three contractors working rebuilding lines as part of our FEMA Mitigation Project. By early March, I expect to have a total of five contractors working in the system. 

Presently we have Croft Electric out of Troy, Missouri working in the Donnellson area;
Echo Powerline LLC from Bunkie, Louisiana is working near Lockridge;
and Highline Construction from Paynesville, Minnesota is working around Batavia.  

Later this winter Kiowa Line Builders from Tipton, Missouri will begin construction in the Demark area;
and Gray’s Electric from Oakland, Georgia will be working between Mount Pleasant and Fairfield.

When completed later this year we will have rebuilt over 180 miles of line. The funding for these projects is shared between FEMA, The Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management Department (HSEMD) and your cooperative.  FEMA will provide 75% of the funds, HSEMD will cover 10% of the funds and the Cooperative will provide 15% of the funds for projects.

In closing this month, I want to pay my respects to two people that we lost recently, who over the years contributed to the success of your cooperative. Helen Perrott retired in 1994 as our Billing Supervisor after over 37 years of service to the Cooperative. Dwight Krebill served on the Board of Directors of the cooperative  for 26 years, retiring from the Board in 2012. Dwight held several officer positions including President of the board. Dwight also represented the cooperative as Director on the Northeast Missouri Power Board of Directors. I am grateful to have had the privilege of working with them both.

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