Summer Work for Students

Access Energy Cooperative sometimes offers temporary summer positions for students enrolled in college in the fall. We have previously hired students for office assistance and positions in the field, to be determined each year on a need-basis.

If there is a position available, applications are accepted at our Mt. Pleasant office January through March and are available at our office. Summer hours are generally 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. beginning when the student is out of school and continues until they begin classes in the fall.


Access Energy Cooperative has participated in projects involving college internships, practicums, and job shadowing with students earning degrees in a variety of fields. These applications might be arranged with the appropriate department manager, where time is available to devote to developing a positive experience for both the student and the cooperative.

To explore interest in setting up an internship or job shadow, please contact our human resources department by clicking here to send them an email, or call our office.

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