Where are Safety Demonstrations Held?safety-demonstrations

  • In Access Energy Cooperative’s service area (Click here to see a map)
  • Schools in Access Energy Cooperative’s service area—generally for students in 3rd or 4th grades, but can accommodate any age
  • Farm Safety Days in Access Energy Cooperative’s service area
  • Home schooled students in Access Energy Cooperative’s service area—arranged every other year
  • Other events in Access Energy Cooperative’s service area

What are Safety Demonstrations For?

It is important to Access Energy Cooperative and all of our employees to help kids learn how dangerous electricity can be if it is not respected.

Our program is real hands-on learning to help them understand why it’s important to take precautions around electricity. Presenters and kids have a lot of fun interacting and exchanging questions and answers. 

What are Students Instructed On?

  • Historical electricity facts
  • Safety precautions around electricity
  • Safe use of electricity
  • Safety around electrical poles, downed power lines, and utility substations
  • Importance of staying away from power lines during outdoor activities such as kite-flying or climbing trees is also stressed.

Why is it so Fun?

A highlight of the presentation is the dressing up of a volunteer student (or teacher!) in the safety equipment that allows line-workers to safely work on energized power lines. Each student also receives a special gift from Access Energy Cooperative.

How to Request a Demonstration

By contacting the Access Energy Cooperative headquarters office in Mt. Pleasant, please call the marketing department at 319.385.1577 or email a request here.

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