Summer vacations are hard to pull off these days, so it’s important that trip-takers have peace of mind while away. The electrical safety checklist below will help you decrease the risk of problems occurring while on vacation:

  1. Turn off all electrical appliances, including toaster ovens, stoves, and curling irons.
  2. Unplug television sets and computers?these items are especially susceptible to lightning and power surges.
  3. Use a timer on indoor lights. Look for one that can be set to a random pattern rather than regular times throughout the day.
  4. Install motion-detecting lights outdoors.
  5. Set the thermostat to 80 degrees in the summer and 55 degrees in the winter if you plan to leave for an extended period of time.
  6. Give your house key to a neighbor and make sure he or she has a phone number where you can be reached. 

Source: National Sheriffs’ Association Christine Smith

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