Livestock and poultry structures are particularly vulnerable to fire and other hazards from using improper wiring materials and methods. The corrosive atmosphere found in such structures produces rapid deterioration of electrical equipment and wiring materials unless special precautions are taken. Insufficient grounding, overloaded currents, or the use of wiring materials designed for residential (not agricultural) environments can lead to the following problems if left uncorrected:

  • Suffocation of animals due to failed ventilation systems in confinement buildings
  • Fire losses, including the building itself, animals, and years of herd improvement;
  • Increased insurance premiums from improperly wired buildings

To reduce these risks, make sure that proper wiring materials and methods are used.
Call our experts at Access Energy Cooperative or obtain Electrical Wiring for Livestock and Poultry Structures from the Rural Electricity Resource Council by visiting  Both a 16-minute videotape and 18-page booklet are available.

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