Electric rates have been stable for so long (almost twenty years at Access Energy Cooperative!!!) that it’s understandable that many of us may take the value of electricity for granted. 

We come home from work or play, step inside the door, and flip that light switch. We head for the kitchen to start dinner, pulling out supplies from the refrigerator, heating them up on the electric range or microwave oven. 

After dinner, we turn on the television, stereo or computer to entertain us. Many members take a nice hot bath or shower with water heated from their electric water heater. 
Most of us sleep better at night knowing we will be protected with our security lighting outside and that we will be awakened by our clock radio in the morning. Thankfully, the automatic coffeemaker will already have the coffee ready to help us face a new day.

Considering the current high cost of oil, gasoline, propane and other fuels, electricity is a tremendous value. Better yet, the cost of electricity remains remarkably stable when compared to the volatile prices of these other methods of powering home and water heating and air conditioning. And as mentioned above, electricity allows you to do things you couldn’t otherwise do on a daily basis.

One tank of gasoline (20 gallons @ $2.00/gal) = approximately 12 days of electric service from Access Energy Cooperative for the average residential home.

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