Dear Access Energy Cooperative,
We recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Iowa. Our electric bills significantly increased once winter set in. We heard an ad on the radio for a free home energy-efficiency audit. I was skeptical, I’m a DIY person myself and have done a lot of construction, electrical, plumbing and heating. But, when our next electric bill came, we called Access Energy and made an appointment.
Alan Raymer arrived promptly. He went straight to setting up his equipment. He was very professional  and quite personable.  He asked lots of pertinent questions about the history and structure  of the home. He was genuinely concerned about our high ($500.00+) electric bill.
During his thorough inspections of the house he discovered a major design flaw in the heating cold air draw system of the house in a center wall along with a major leak of air at the stove vent pipe. We blocked off 2 vents on the center wall in the house and it raised the temperature in one day by 7 degrees on that area of the house. He also pointed out that the fan motor on our heat pump system was not turning fast enough. “Might just be a capacitor” he said after we looked together at the wiring schematic of the system. Ends up it was both, Fan motor took out the capacitor from trying so hard to start it.  We immediately had it repaired.
I’m not easily impressed but I must tell you that Alan did a great job in finding ALL the areas of the house that needed attention. He also suggested that we consider looking into a geothermal system for our home.We have an estimate coming on Tuesday from one of the geo-thermal companies he recommended.
Alan also noted the telephone pole and old trip reset system needed attention by the house. One of your technicians will be here to discuss that Tuesday also.
We are extremely impressed and very pleased with our Access Energy Audit. Alan was fantastic! We are hopeful that Alan’s report and recommendations will enable us to make the necessary improvements that will help lead to a lower electric bill and more energy efficient home!
Just wanted to express my appreciation for one of your team members.  
Super job Alan!
Gregory B.
co-op member

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