Iowa Energy Center

Each year, Access Energy Cooperative contributes a portion of its gross revenues to the Iowa Energy Center at Iowa State University and the Center for Global and Regional Environment Center at the University of Iowa.

The Iowa Energy Center helps to promote and develop energy efficiency programs and renewable energy research. In addition, the Center is available to answer questions on a variety of energy issues for the citizens of Iowa.

In 2015, Access Energy was assessed one-tenth of one percent of its gross operating revenue for electric service of $25,961,698  Access Energy paid a total of $25,962. Eighty-five percent of that will go to the Iowa Energy Center and 15 percent will go to the Center for Global and Regional Environment Center.

All Iowa electric and gas utilities are required by the state legislature to help fund the two centers.

Tools for Schools

Access Energy has programs available for schools to help educate students about energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Find more information about energy efficiency, safety demonstrations, scholarships for high school seniors, Youth Tour for sophomores and juniors and the Get Charged! program.

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