Is Solar Generation For You?

If you are thinking about installing a solar or wind electric generation system for your home or business, your utility should be one of the first stops you make to discuss your project. We can help assist you with some of the confusion that comes with installing a solar or “distributive generation” (DG) system. We can also help you make sure your system is designed to meet all of the safety and reliability requirements.

As a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, we’re here to help you make informed decisions about how you use energy. Plus, to ensure your own safety and that of your fellow cooperative member-owners, you are required to notify your utility if you intend to install a distributed generation system; and under Iowa law, an interconnection agreement must be in place for your system.

A first step in exploring the installation of a distributed generation system is to find ways to reduce your energy consumption. We recommend you start with a free energy audit from our energy experts including blower door and thermal imaging tests, to find air leaks that could be costing you wasted money on heating and cooling. Reducing your load first could result in saving you money by allowing you to size a smaller distributed generation (DG) system to fit your needs. Be sure to call us to set up your free energy audit before you begin your project.

Here are some tools to help you make some of the tough decisions about installing a DG system. 

  1. Frequently Asked Questions about connecting solar
  2. Informational Guide
  3. Solar Energy Guide
  4. Fun solar facts

Please contact us if you’re thinking about installing an on-site generation system, including solar panels or a wind turbine. 

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