Your Board of Directors is elected by and from the membership of Access Energy Cooperative. Three seats are up for election, one in each of the three districts. Each board member is elected to a term of three years. Terms that will expire with this year’s annual meeting to be held Tuesday, August 2nd, are:

  District 1, Fred Hickenbottom
Fred HIckenbottom

Fred HIckenbottom

      District 2, Ronald Campbell
Ronald Campbell

Ronald Campbell

     District 3, Marvin Newton
Marvin Newton

Marvin Newton

   In order to serve on the Access Energy Cooperative Board of Directors you must be a member of the cooperative and a bona fide resident of a premise served by the cooperative.

      The Board will appointed the 2016 Nominating Committee who will select candidates to run for the expiring terms. Anyone interested in running for a seat on the board may contact a member of the Nominating Committee, as listed below and posted in our office, and in the newsletter; or you can call our office at 1.866.242.4232.


Nominating Committee List for 2016


District One:     Brandon Ledger; 11398 Spruce Ave; Stockport 52651 (Heckethorn)

                        Kenneth Whitham; 1594 Hemlock Ave; Fairfield 52556 (Hollingsworth)

                        Susie Greiner; 12741 Hwy 16; Douds 52551 (Hickenbottom)


District Two:     Cliff Hunsaker, 510 West Irish Ridge Rd; Mt. Pleasant (Campbell)

                        Bob Scarff; 2164 Jewell Ave.; Mt. Pleasant (White)

                        Charles Sutter, 2541 S. Bar S Lane; Mt. Pleasant (Barker)


District Three:   Bill Schurk, 5512 Hunt Rd; Burlington 52601 (Newton)

                        Myrna Folker, 1399 190th St.; Donnellson 52625 (Holtkamp)

                        Dean Mabeus, 1664 Green Bay Rd; Wever 52658 (Pierrot)