If you’re thinking about installing a solar or wind electric generation system for your home or business, take a look at the Informational Guide for On-site Generation, distributed by the Iowa Utilities Board. It will help you walk through a detailed check list of questions and important considerations before financially investing in a system.
The guide prompts you to consider your energy-related goals, legal requirements, and insurance issues before installing on-site generation, and provides you with a list of information to gather and questions to ask during the process. 

If your primary goal is to reduce your monthly electric bill, consider a free energy audit from Access Energy Cooperative to uncover potential energy efficient improvements. Implementing energy efficiency before installing a solar or wind system can save you money by reducing your overall energy or water consumption, which subsequently reduces the size of the distributed generation system you’ll need to meet your energy needs. We also have rebates available for energy efficiency improvements you make.
Please contact our engineering department – before you start – if you’re thinking about installing an on-site generation system, including solar panels or a wind turbine. As a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, we’re here to help you make informed decisions about how you use energy. Plus, to ensure your own safety and that of your fellow cooperative member-owners, you are required to notify your utility if you intend to install a distributed generation system and under Iowa law, an interconnection agreement must be in place.

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